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Quite so Honey, quite so

There are Tories of diverse origins and skin tones. What they need now is real difference
Nesrine Malik
It is positive to see more politicians of colour, but if the result is Sunak’s austerity or Badenoch’s culture war, how have things changed?

This is, indeed, the problem with diversity. As detailed in the book from a couple of decades back. We can have all sorts of skin colours but what if there is no intellectual diversity?

Which is rather the problem over on the left too, isn’t it? That there’re are all sorts of skin colours but everyone is still a troglodyte Trot?

Yes, this is tu quoque and this time it’s justified.

39 thoughts on “Quite so Honey, quite so”

  1. A few years ago, I made the mistake of reading an Owen Jones article. His starting point was ” how is it possible that there are right wing gays?”

    It is this delusion that the Left have, that anyone who isn’t a white middle aged straight bank manager from Guildford cannot possbly be Right Wing.

    At least Malik here is trying to acknowledge that people from ethnic minorities have ambition and aspirations, but only through gritted teeth. Havng lost the Working Class, the Left have had to cultivate the immgigrant community. The problem is, as the generations change and there is greater opportunity ( and where certain communities become more assertive and wealthy ) then the Left’s grip ther will also fail.
    All that they will be left with are the middle class public sector/education workers and the lumpenproletariat whose postal votes are being farmed for them.

  2. It’s embarrassing for the left that the Conservatives have had 2 female prime ministers and their leadership contest currently has 3 people of colour, 1 white woman and only 1 white man as candidates. The Guardian does not approve of this sort of diversity!

  3. No, No! He has brown skin so must be a good leftist!

    Leftists view life like they read about it in a book.

  4. Otto and Sam +100.

    Labour supporters heads will explode if Kemi gets the job (and she’s the only one of the lot who actually sounds like a proper Conservative).

    It’s the same with the Dems in the USA: Women in politics = good, unless she’s a Republican = traitor to the sisterhood; Blacks in politics good, unless they vote Republican = Uncle Tom’s.

  5. Sunaks Austerity? – Really.

    Only to be found in an Alice in Wonderland setting methinks.

  6. The Tory party has never been more diverse or more worthless.

    I don’t care that the Hindoo taxman is a pleasing shade of brown, I care that he’s a spaffer whose family fortune rests on offshoring British jobs to useless Indian computer jannies.

    I don’t care that Penny Whatsherface has a ladyvagina, I care that she comes from the same evil petri dish whence sprang all the other identikit Metropolitan silly cows as Amber Rudd.

    I’m not interested in what Liz Truss is saying today, I’m concerned she’s a window-licking moron who’ll get us into a nuclear war with Russia tomorrow.

    These candidates all suck balls – none in a good way – and they’ll all gracelessly lose to Labour in a couple of years assuming the RS-28 Sarmats don’t win first.

    Feels like grasshopperish displacement activity, but winter is coming.

    Deutsche Bank is telling Krauts to stock up on wood if they want to stay warm this winter. New York City just released a public information film advising people what to do in the event of When The Wind Blows. The Tories are fighting like stunningly diverse stoats in a sack over whether they continue cockteasing us about maybe, possibly, finally doing mildly conservative stuff such as enforcing immigration laws (they’ve only been in government 12 years) or whether they opt for the full-blown AIDS version of WEFism.

    As the little Mexican boy said, viene una tormenta!

  7. “if the result is Sunak’s austerity or Badenoch’s culture war, how have things changed?”

    You get to lose to a person whose skin tone is closer to yours, which will be bitter-sweet.

  8. It’s funny to watch the “race” to the next Tory PM.

    All the candidates are part of the same cabal that will pretend to Fight Honestly and Fairly for the Position, and then get appointed to wherever they can masturbate their Pet Peeve to their heart’s content, appointed by the one who happens to win the “race”.
    And they’re so blatantly obvious about it, it’s almost painful to watch.

    Ah well… You get the government you vote for, innit?

  9. Actually the Tories are remarkably homogeneous.

    A repellent fat tw@t from Ely says that all Conservatives (MPs, local councillors and even voters) are all fascists.

  10. Bloke in North Dorset


    And that one whit man can be classed as from a minority group as he’s a Jew.

  11. @Interested:

    Its highly interesting how much actual science and data analysis is going on out there that is pretty conclusively showing that a) the vaccines don’t work against covid in anything other than very short post-jab timescales, in fact soon arrive at negative efficiency, ie make things worse, and b) cause all manner of other health issues, including death, in a significant number of people.

    Yet all this veritable tsunami of information is completely ignored by the media, the medical establishment and the political class. They are living in a bubble increasingly divorced from reality, yet because they control all the levers of power they can keep the vaccine bus rolling down the road. How long can this separation be maintained?

  12. @Bloke in North Dorset

    I guessed as much. I didn’t even need to check his “early life” section on Wiki.

  13. “His starting point was ‘ how is it possible that there are right wing gays?’”

    Maybe because they think for themselves, and don’t view the entire universe through the lens of their sexuality, Owen. Like, y’know, normal well-adjusted adults.

  14. His starting point was ” how is it possible that there are right wing gays?”

    I’m fairly certain 99.99999% of sodomites in human history held political views that would definitely get you banned from today’s Conservative Party and all forms of social media.

  15. ummm interested…

    With those graphs… No not even going to coment at the usual different-scale representation and other shenanigans..
    You need to know the actual fractions of unvaccinated, fully vaccinated, and boostered in the population in that timeframe to arrive at Real Life™ figures…
    Because you need to multiply those graph numbers with the inverse of the relative fraction to get at Real Life™ estimates in actual™ individuals.

    T’is a trick regularly used in biology to calculate prevalence of certain genetic traits from tiny sample numbers and other such stuff.

    Given that in Canada the number of Wappies/Idiotniks/Concerned Citizens/Paranoid Fucks is actually a hella lot smaller than the vaccinated/boostered category, the prevalence of Nastyness in that group is much larger than in the vaccinated group.

    But that would mean actual proper application of math and statistics, and that’s not what either you or the author of that bit of insane drivel are after, innit?

    But hey.. Free world. Your delusions are entirely yours…

  16. Now excuse me while I take this old keyboard to the back of the shack and teach it a terminal lesson in actually sending the “/” character when doing the HTML thing…

    I trust the next One More Life ex-office models will take the Hint..

  17. It made me laugh to learn that Kemi Badenoch is a fan of Thomas Sowell and also saying she will set up an Office for Economic Growth if made Prime Minister.
    You’re supposed to do economic liberalism – that means having a Ministry for getting government out of the frigging way.

  18. Ottokring,

    “A few years ago, I made the mistake of reading an Owen Jones article. His starting point was ” how is it possible that there are right wing gays?””

    I may merely have been the victim of a passable education where, doing my O-level in World History, we got into “Versailles to WW2, including the rise of Hitler” in quite a bit of detail; but one of the important points we were covering back in 1984-1986 was the ‘Night of the Long Knives’ where Hitler purged the Sturmableitung and got rid of inconvenient colleagues. Like Ernst Rohm, head of the SA, and a properly manly shirt-lifter (“here in the SA, only wimps shag women!”) who rather favoured the theories of the Theban Sacred Band.

    Now, reading and studying en passant since, Rohm was openly out of the closet about how big rufty-toughty soldiers should proudly find comfort in each others’ arms between battles; he might not have had any sympathy at all for (or interest in) drippy wimps like Owen J, but gay he definitely was.

    And this was the guy who ran the “put on your brown shirt and go beat the crap out of Commies, Jews, and striking union members” goon squad… which is about as right wing as UK politics is able to recognise.

    Surely I cannot be better educated in matters of mainstream history, than the Sainted Owen?

  19. In the original Pfizer and Moderna trials more people in the vaccinated groups died than in the control groups. “For overall mortality, with 74,193 participants and 61 deaths (mRNA:31; placebo:30), the relative risk (RR) for the two mRNA vaccines compared with placebo was 1.03 (95% CI=0.63-1.71)”

    So the point estimate makes the vaccine 3% deadlier than no vaccine, but the confidence interval is so wide that the rational thing to say is that the trials provided no evidence of the vaccines reducing mortality. When you read about Pfizer’s misbehaviour in its trial, though, and their efforts to hide the results of those and follow-ups trials, the rational man might very well conclude that their vaccine is NBG or, more likely, worse than NBG. That’s a hell of a thing because you’d expect the benefits of vaccination to show up quickly while the “adverse events” might easily show up promptly, but also over many years.

    My conclusion is that the people who rejected vaccination will turn out to have been right. If so, the buggers who govern us will not only have caused needless death and suffering but will have polluted the reputation of all vaccines. God knows how many further deaths that will bring. Hang the bastards.

  20. Garkith,

    The data was already standardized by population, though I suppose you didn’t read it.

    We do know the fraction of unvaccinatd Manatobins, it’s 17/100, 17%. That 17% represents 14% of the hospitalizations and 9% of the deaths. So yes, the unvaccinatded are moderately less likely to get hospitalized with covid and much less likely to die of it than the general population. That bares out across other provinces data, and a number of provinces no longer release their data by vax status after some local media pointed such things out.
    I’ve heard people throw out plausible reasons for the advantage that don’t involve the vax being a death shot, but to deny that the unvaxed advantage exists at this point is simply willfully ignorant.

  21. Interested, why thank you. Now do proceed to repost Wappiesites and their articles. Saves me from trawling the interwebs myself for paranoid delusional idiots trying to fit any data to “prove” their delusions.
    At this point you’re as bad as the Grauniad columnists we like to make fun of here…
    I aim to please and will call Bullshyte when I see it.

    Grey, the correct expression for normalised anything is per 100.000. [period]
    Those infonoids are in per 100.000*days. Which is either an intermediate result, which should never be published as-is, or a stunted attempt at expressing the chance per day, per 100.000.
    Neither of the two options should have passed proofreading/ peer review, and certainly should not have been published in the format seen in the…..article… linked by Interested.

    Or maybe Manitobans are Spesjul. Never know with the inbreeding.. It’s funny how those numbers can’t be corroborated and don’t work outside of Canada. Or maybe South Park was right?

  22. @Nessimmersion, July 15, 2022 at 8:34 am

    Sunaks Austerity? – Really

    And Osborne, Hammond, Javid’s Austerity where public sector grew faster than Bair/Brown era

    Only to be found in an Alice in Wonderland setting methinks

  23. Grikath,

    The data is provided by Manitobas public health services(he linked it), if you’re telling me you’re shocked that public health beurocrats formatted things wrong you havn’t hung around here long enough. Sasks public health services announced that their data proved the opposite of what their data showed a few months ago, then took down the data when people started pointing it out. I think BC took down their vaxxed/unvaxxed data too.

    But all the western provinces showed the vaxed had proportionally worse outcomes than the unvaxxed by non trivial margins.

    Probably the vax refuses are healthier by a number of metrics than vaxed, refusers being a bit younger for example. That offsets the difference a bit. But the difference is there.

  24. @dearieme
    the buggers who govern us will not only have caused needless death and suffering but will have polluted the reputation of all vaccines. God knows how many further deaths that will bring. Hang the bastards

    A reboot of the Nuremburg Doctors’ Trials called for perhaps?

  25. “Assuming that 5% of all SSSEs [suspected serious side effects] are reported in Sweden, our analysis shows that COVID-19 vaccination is likely to benefit one single group only – men aged over 90 years. For all other groups, the incidence of SSSEs exceeded the risk of hospitalisation and death with COVID-19.”

    P.S. I de-Americanized the spelling where I could.

  26. DM

    That analysis clearly has to be wrong. The chance of a vaccine death (after one discounts for the likelihood of a vaccine death being nothing more than a substitute for a likely virus death) is in the order of just 1 in 200 million…….

    It strikes me that it would be pretty difficult to do the maths to get that back to a net benefit for one small single group only (ie, men over 90)?

  27. @Grey

    Correct. Canada followed PHS and UKHSE by stopping publishing vax v unvaxed data as the vax data was so bad

    Now UK Gov’t depts like ONS, NHS, UKHSE are publishing nonsensical figures claiming unvaxed are 7% of adults, 8% of adults, 20% of adults, 30% of the whole population

    Meanwhile non-Covid excess daths continue at ~1,000 per Week and 10 to 14 are dying at a rate 45 times higher than normal. MSM silent or claim definetly not the vax, it’s a mystery.

  28. @PF: you quote a comment from the person further up the thread as evidence that the chances of a death from the vaccine is 1 in 200m? With absolutely no linked evidence to support said claim?

    I mean even taking the governments own figures (here: they accept that there have been 5 deaths in the UK as a direct result of taking a vaccine (9 where it contributed to death) so given that around 50m people have been vaccinated, thats a death rate of 1 in 10m at very best. Even if you do it per shot, 150m shots have been given so thats a death rate of 1 in 30m. Neither is close to 1 in 200m.

    And thats taking the UK government’s word as gospel truth, which I think we all know is a fools errand.

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