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Smurf and the housing project

That idea of insulating every house in Britain with printed money:

Germany’s Greens are facing ridicule over reports that they have failed to install a heat pump in their party HQ, despite pushing for a nationwide switch to the technology.

A project to install the device at the eco-party’s headquarters in central Berlin has taken three and a half years because of a variety of problems that include difficulties finding qualified tradesmen and a two-year wait for a drilling permit, Der Spiegel magazine reported.

Oh Aye?

7 thoughts on “Smurf and the housing project”

  1. “Insulating”

    Our homes are already insulated. But heat pumps only seem to “work” if your house is shrink wrapped in plastic, because of the weedy, pathetic, Lib Dem tier power of heat pumps.

    I think we’ll find that human habitations need ventilation.

  2. Germanys’ Greens are currently struggling to get the 5 million Euro heat pump system installed at their head office to work properly…..

  3. Nuclear waste produces heat as it decays. And there’s no need to drill deep holes. An obvious non-CO2 emitting solution to the Greens problem!!

  4. A drilling permit? What, were they going to draw energy from an aquifer? Or do they mean wielding a Black and Decker?

  5. Actually I can believe this. A friend of mine lives in Germany for about 2/3rds of the year and he’s trying to refurbish a flat there. The regulations and bullshit bureaucracy he’s fighting against make UK planning laws look like near anarchy.

  6. ‘’

    Yeah dearieme. A geothermal heat source.

  7. The Meissen Bison

    They also point out that the law they want to pass […] allows [people] to choose an eco-friendly alternative like distance heating instead.

    Perhaps the government could sell its Rwanda policy as distance heating.

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