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Illogic alert!

As I have found through researching a book on normal birth, countless mothers testify that birth without drugs results in less pain overall. And as a woman who has given birth three times without any pain relief, I can only agree.

Er, no love.

You have personal experience of the amount of pain a drug free birth gives. You do not have personal experience of how much pain a drug using birth gives. For you haven\’t personally experienced it, have you?

4 thoughts on “Illogic alert!”

  1. Errm, also: assuming she’s popped sprogs out at pretty much the biologically maximum rate, she’s had three kids in five years. In that time there’s been, what? 650 or 700 million kids born. That is undersampling the population to quite some degree.

  2. Does having babies as late in life as posible and with ‘pain relief’ make for safe birth.
    Your quoted millions of kids born tend to produce enough healthy lusty youngsters to carry the world on – most with low technology.
    The late token babies are often a bit fraught.

  3. “that birth without drugs results in less pain overall.”

    And there’s another category error here: Not all births are equal. Some are really quite traumatic.

    Is it possible that there is a quite a big causative relationship between the pain encountered and the use of pain relief?

    Just perhaps?

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