In which I am cruel about Catherine Bennett

Concering women on the boards of companies. We should have tokenism, we should have quotas, we should have women appointed to boards willy nilly right now!

So says woman with only another decade or so of her career in which to get onto boards.

Update: Oh, how glorious, as in comments. The piece is by an entirely different writer altogether. Argument XVI for Timmy to have more coffee before blogging. Note, not all stroppy females in the Observer are called Catherine Bennett.

6 thoughts on “In which I am cruel about Catherine Bennett”

  1. What aload of twaddle! It’s insulting – how will anyone ever know if they are good enough if they are the token woman, ethnic etc etc on the Board?

  2. Here’s the big question. Why don’t women just set up their own companies with their own boards and outcompete those inefficient male dominated dinosaur companies?

  3. Maybe we should ask the bosses of Kraft, AngloAmerican, Pearson etc if they think this is a good idea? Was it how they got to the top?
    Once you get quota women (double the board size) you’ll also get quota homosexuals (50X board size) quota this, quota that, soon there’ll be more directors than workers.

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