Anyone with uni library access?

I\’d be very interested in getting a copy of this paper in .pdf via email if any one can?

The composition and environmental hazard of copper slags in the context of the Basel Convention


Blimey, that\’s fast! Ta v much to all who sent it!

4 thoughts on “Anyone with uni library access?”

  1. Started only now? The discerning gentleman considers the pheomelanin-enhanced as first amongst equals.

    Tim adds: as I jokingly said elsewhere:

    Come along now Mr Howitt. We gingers are supposed to be bright to make up for our hideous genetic deformity.

    And amongst women of course it’s not a deformity.

  2. I’m looking for a DVD quality copy of “Die Busen Schulmadchen Lustklinik” (1975, Deutsche Erotikon).


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