What a plonker Viviane Reding is

Britons are too ignorant about Europe to vote in a referendum on the subject, a top Brussels official claimed last night.

Viviane Reding, vice-president of the European Commission, said the British debate about Europe was so ‘distorted’ that people could not make an ‘informed decision’ about whether or not to stay in the EU.

Mrs Reding – who boasted that 70 per cent of the UK’s laws are now made in Brussels – also rubbished David Cameron’s bid to curb immigration from Europe, saying it was incompatible with membership of the EU.

Err, yes, those are two of the things that actually drive various eurosceptics. Immigration and the fact that 70% of our laws are now made in Brussels.

So we seem to be rather well informed about the matter so can we leave yet?

11 thoughts on “What a plonker Viviane Reding is”

  1. So Much For Subtlety

    As someone else has said recently, too late to vote, too early to shoot.

    But I am sure someone will be keeping a list of names. This witch can join Marie Antoinette in the halls of fame of stupid, obtuse, self-righteous, unfeeling turds. Except this one did actually say it.

  2. Unfortunately, she’s not a plonker. She is a competent machine politician committed to the primacy of the EU. A deliberate lie is a mere bagatelle compared to the opportunity to march forward with the ratchet extension of the acquis.

  3. “people could not make an ‘informed decision’”
    Yeah. I’m also pretty well uninformed on the felching of syphilitic Thai ladyboys . And intend remaining uninformed thanks.

  4. This is essentially the same opinion advanced yesterday by Mr Richard Murphy. We frankly aren’t able and by happy non-coincidence don’t want to make these decisions. Far, far better to leave them to Experts , fully functioning cogs in the machine.

    What infuriates me is the ad hominem basis of ALL their argument. Reding calls us uninformed; Ritchie calls us trolls. Either way our objections have no merit because we have no merit. Ergo, we should be silenced or at the very least denied a platform.

  5. Breathtaking dismissive arrogance from a member of the overpaid, publicly funded and unaccountable EU elite.

    I find the film Aliens has a useful quote for most occasions, such as this awful woman and her European Commission:

    How do I get out of this chickenshit outfit? (Hudson)

    I say we take off and nuke the entire site from orbit. It’s the only way to be sure. (Ripley)

  6. Do we really want to be hectored by and subject to laws promulgated by people who are, and whose staff are, too thick to ensure a car containing official papers is locked?

    Just a pity the thieves didn’t have a dirty protest by doing a group dump all over the car seats.

  7. It is possible her comments prior to the Swiss referendum on immigration warning of the dire consequences of voting yes may have got the yes vote over the line. I’m sure she’s worth a few votes to UKIP.

    Commisioners from the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg probably suffer from small country syndrome. If it wasn’t for the opportunities afforded by the EU to strut around as an overpaid, obnoxious, useless piece of shit, they’d be the equivalent of a local councillor in their own pointless country. Small wonder then that they despise anyone who would rob them of their importance (or pie).

  8. BraveFart, re: Aliens, agree entirely.

    “You don’t see them [the aliens] fucking each other over for a percentage.”

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