And it’s one rule for the establishment

The Ombudsman found that the Commission the money had been taken in good faith in 2006, despite growing evidence that the money was obtained fraudulently and the company itself was not trading.

And the Lib Dems aren’t going to pay it back nor forfeit it.

Yet when UKIP had a donor who fell of the electoral roll as a result of simple paperwork issues (always eligible to be on it, just didn’t do the paperwork for it) the Electoral Commission sent the hounds of hell after the party.

Impartial justice my arse.

3 thoughts on “And it’s one rule for the establishment”

  1. “Taking the money” in good faith has never been a defence for the acceptance of political donations. It has always been an obligation of the recipient to undertake proper due diligence on the donor.

  2. bloke (not) in spain

    I do find the notion of an “impartial” justice system amusing. It’s there to preserve the dominance of the establishment of the time. Always was. And, as IanB repeatedly points out, the establishment has been largely taken over by the Progressives, what do you expect? Aid & comfort to the enemy?

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