People are weird

The fight to save one of America’s last lesbian bars: ‘We’re like an endangered species’

You don’t have to fight to save a bar. You go there, have a drink or three, give them the cash and they’re saved. Well, if enough people do that they do.

As to the deeper point. So, lesbian bars are in decline. This being excellent. Being lesbian is no longer something tucked away in one of society’s backstreets. It’s now just one of those variations of being human. At which point special places for specific outcasts aren’t required – because of not being those specific outcasts from the rest of society.

Sure, a lesbian bar makes chance lesbian hook ups easier but then the same would be true of a bar that caters to redheads making redhead hook ups easier.

It’s even possible to use this as predictive. When the specific social subgroup no longer does cluster in special places but is dispersed across the normal range of social outlets then that subgroup is being perceived, societally, as being simply part of the norm, right?

14 thoughts on “People are weird”

  1. “a bar that caters to redheads making redhead hook ups easier”. What a wonderful concept.

  2. If I wasn’t happily married I would love the idea of a place that made hook ups with red haired women easier. I believe that the fact that there is no longer a need for a lesbian only bar does show that Lesbians have been accepted in general society.

  3. One of the things that annoys me is gays insisting they were hunted for sport a few decades ago when I can quite clearly remember that that is bollox.

  4. Oi. Back off. As a redhead (albeit greying), we dont need our own bars. I have no wish to be part of the LGBTQI+R community.

  5. The article describes circumstances common to pretty much every club and bar in the country as well as over here. Lockdown and restrictions plus an isolated bad weather event. Nothing whatsoever to do with the fact that it caters for lesbians and as such is a classic clickbait heading.

  6. Still if business is slow they could always hold special events for submissive gals.

    Serf and terf nights.

  7. Hook up apps is where modern dating is, I gather. For Gay & Straight. Sounds dreadful. Chatting up a lass after a bit of dutch courage in a bar is something we should be sad to see going. Guess its problematic these days, tho. Apps is safer.

    I guess that means a certain type of bar, that people go to pull, is no longer required. Bars for people to meet up if they can recognise each other from a distorted filtered photo is what’s occurring.

  8. Perhaps the future is bars for transgenders. I can just imagine it, loads of bearded, tattooed, customers with names like Mavis or Shirley, ordering Babycham. What could go wrong?

  9. Mibbe double their potential audience by running a combined lesbian/Catholic bar called Fishy Fridays

  10. You still have to think of the other six days of the week.
    Muff Mondays….
    Twatty Tuesdays….

  11. I believe that the song ‘Green Door’ was about a lesbian night club. Which was presumably why they wouldn’t let Shakin’ Stevens in.

  12. We’re like an endangered species

    Any species not prepared to fuck suffers the same fate. See also, Sweden…

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