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The William Keegan AI is working well

If it’s growth the chancellor wants, here’s one suggestion: rejoin the EU
William Keegan

Not straying from the script revealed by the scraping at all……

6 thoughts on “The William Keegan AI is working well”

  1. He is astonishingly committed in his writing, either that or astonishingly unoriginal. After Lonrho failed to buy Harrods in 1985, he spent the next 5 years criticising the Al Fayeds. His weekly article in the Observer was a denunciation of them. And now, in the wake of the Brexit vote, he has found a new subject. Once you see his name on an article, you can predict what he is going to say. Perhaps he is just a chabot but his tedious predictability could also be one of the factors in the continued lack of financial viability of the Gryawn

  2. Given that the Fake Tory policy is to stifle growth and reduce the population to State supporting drones and that the NI agreement gained Fishi a pat on the head from Arsehole von der Leyen, I assume he’s in charge of UK government policy…

  3. Or apply to be the 51st State of USA.
    No, wait, I’ve got a better idea. Apply to be the 35th province of communist China.

  4. I hear Sardinia is lobbying to become the 27th canton. Well, Switzerland could really do with a warm-water port.

  5. Boganboy.. How much of the US spending is financed by China again? …. 😉

    So yes… it’s possible to be both either way.

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