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Bloody typical of Google

So I’ve gained access to Google Analtics for the site I want to look at.

And of course there’s entirely bugger all to tell you how to navigate it. Typical damn Google – assuming that everyone’s competent. Tchah! Tech products for the technically incompetent, that’s what we want!

7 thoughts on “Bloody typical of Google”

  1. Remembering that nice nine year old kid explaining that the computer was a touch screen, I’d say I’d need something simpler than that Tim!!!

  2. I have no trouble with navigating most user interfaces with the notable exception of stuff produced by Google. I sometimes suspect that their engineers deliberately design them as obscure as possible so others (especially other engineers at Google) will feel inferior if they have to ask how to drive it or what the icons are meant to represent.

  3. I’d say it’s fairly common that designers will design things for the convenience of the designer. The designer understood it & that’s all that matters.

  4. @BiS Common affliction of the Designer: It works for them, so it logically follows it works for everyone.

    As opposed to the Engineer, who does make that mistake in his Youf , but soon learns the value of Function over Fancy Shyte.
    Usually by getting your work thrown back in your face, with prejudice. A RUD, with emphasis, if you’re unlucky.

    Which is why most sane places I know/have worked in/with always have an actual Engineer riding herd on the Designers. Keeps ’em in line.

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