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Simple solution

Ultimately, we need to find robust, reliable forms of language learning that aren’t driven by profit or demand. While there’s certainly a place for big tech, we can’t depend on it alone to provide us with resources to maintain endangered languages. Anna Luisa Daigneault echoes a similar thought, advocating for language learning “made by the people, for the people”.

Speak Welsh to each other then. If no one wants to then that’s it for Welsh.

Shrug. It is what happened to Mercian, Northumbrian, Cumbrian and on…..

16 thoughts on “Simple solution”

  1. She’s whining because not enough people want to learn it, so Duolingo, being a commercial enterprise is going to spend their money and resources on more popular languages. Of course, with these people it’s always someone else who must foot the bill for their pet projects – in this case, Duolingo. Welsh is useless outside of Wales unless you got to Patagonia, the far reaches of the Welsh empire. It is being kept artifically alive. Well, if they want to put their own time, money and effort in, fine, but don’t presume that anyone else should.

  2. “…that isn’t driven by demand.” ????

    How TF does she expect something to be provided if there’s no demand for it? Is this another “please force people to pay me to do my hobby” phrased differently?

  3. Ha .. there was a newyorker youtuber who learns languages. He recently did Welsh. Took 3 months to learn it to a reasonable degree, with tutors etc. and then went to Wales to film his video of surprising locals ordering beer/ leeks/ daffodils in Welsh. Except he went to Cardiff. He was told in advance he needed to go North west rural wales, but he said Nah… Cardiff easier to get to and film and do stuff in. In other words for economic reasons he decided not to go to the bit people speak welsh in.

  4. Probably only two languages will matter in the future, English and Mandarin. Welsh, the language of my ancestors, not so much, just like Maori,

  5. The only realistic way to transmit your mother tongue is to have children.

    So how many Welsh sprogs do we reckon this bint will produce:

    Gwenno Robinson
    Gwenno Robinson is an award-winning writer and documentary-maker from south Wales. She is in her final year at Cambridge University studying politics

    If the answer is a number less than 3, she’s not actually interested in preserving the Welsh language. And if people can’t be arsed to procreate, they should probably shut the fuck up about their dying culture.

    Because these lazy bastards are the ones killing it.

  6. JGH

    That is why leftists hate markets. Being self entitled narcissists, they don’t want freedom of choice for all, that would exclude their niche demands.

  7. Boddicker

    Bimey what a bizarre article.

    Has the fact that French was the international diplomatuc language until recently or that much of northern Africa speaks that language ? I do China no longer does, I belueve but it was not long ago that they all spoke French there.

    Market forces at work.

  8. @Steve – “if people can’t be arsed to procreate, they should probably shut the fuck up about their dying culture.”

    Is this your new position on immigration?

  9. Thanks for the article Boddicker, I am impressed that the bloke could dream up “linguistic justice”, has to be a way to make a dollar in some way, or a big night on the grog,

  10. “Duolingo is ‘pausing’ its Welsh course despite high demand – we need robust forms of learning that aren’t driven by profit”

    How does someone write those two sentences with a straight face? If you can make a high demand course, it’s money printer goes brrrrr…

    And well, do we just need not for profits? As far as I can tell, there are various yoonis flogging courses in AI and whatever else is fashionable online and they cost a fucking fortune compared to Pluralsight (where you will be taught by people who build Tensorflow models for their job).

  11. Dennis, Pointing Out The Obvious

    Duolingo is ‘pausing’ its Welsh course despite high demand – we need robust forms of learning that aren’t driven by profit

    Then get off your fat ass, Gwenno, and do it yourself.

    Problem solved.

  12. Trick with no sleeve

    It’s interesting to note that where the taxpayer pays for a sign, label or document in Wales, it’s in Welsh and English. Where a business pays, it’s in English.
    Markey forces?

  13. JGh,,,,,,,,,sorry, I can’t read Chinese, being the dummy in the family…… wife speaks Shanghainese, Mandarin, English,,,,,as do the rest of the immediate family. I am the odd one out.

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