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At the ASI.

We\’ve got the EU now using the incorrect figures for the gender pay gap that Harriet Harman got rapped on the knuckles for using.

I have actually been in correspendence with the relevant EU department and they\’re clueless, entirely so. For exsample, I asked them which \”average\” they are using. Mean or median? They didn\’t even recognise the question. Just write back and said they used the \”average\”.

Completely ignorant twats.

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  1. Because the whole point of the tsunami of statistics that emanate from the activists is like the old drunk/lamppost thing; they’re for support, not illumination. And hence you get Proggies doing that smug “evidence based” meme (e.g. the Septic Movement with their infamous “We’ve got charts and graphs. Now STFU” slogan; what it actually means is that you’ve got some figure cobbled together by activists, and that’s meant to be the final word on the matter and now everyone has to do what they say.

    The statistics are produced to generate particular outcomes. They are not a truth seeking exercise. The epistemology creates the ontology, and all that.

  2. As you’ve pointed out, this is what happes when you employ people just because they can speak two languages.

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