Fairly high maintenance here

Charles Saatchi paid annual credit card bills of £1.2 million run up by his ex-wife Nigella Lawson and five aides for “personal spending” on his family, a court was told on Thursday.

He paid the bills in full by direct debit each month without scrutinising where the money was going, even though employees were sometimes spending more than £5,000 on designer clothes in single transactions, it was disclosed.

One assumes the Charlie was being paid for in cash.

And one can also see why the bloke might have got just a little ticked off about all of this too….

5 thoughts on “Fairly high maintenance here”

  1. I know they were a very wealthy couple but who signs off £1.2m bills without question? Even if the household income was £20m pa you’d still notice that, surely?

    Surely suspicions would be aroused when the PA you pay £30k a year takes a weekend in NYC or Paris every month?

    I try to avoid clogging my mind up with celeb stuff but this just seems sooo dodgy… Not sure we’re even going to get even half the story tho.

  2. I’d love the chance to find out, but if I was as rich as Saatchi, I think I’d happily pay a million quid a year not to sweat the small stuff. Say it takes a hundred hours a year to keep track of: that’s only £10k an hour.

    Then again, I’d definitely pay a few million not to wash my dirty laundry in public like this.

  3. So he has been paying for coke for her and possibly that used by five “aids” as well?. The question arises as to the possibility that any of these aids have been –er, drinking at the well , so to speak, in addition to Saatchi paying for their nasal Persil. If so, then no wonder (nasty guy or not) he had her by the throat.

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