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Anyone actually read The Times these days?

I can see from the Forbes stats that someone at The Times has linked to something I’ve written there. But, of course, with the paywall, I’ve no idea who or what.

So, anyone actually pay for access already and able to tell me what it is?

2 thoughts on “Anyone actually read The Times these days?”

  1. Can you provide a link to the exact article? Hard to find otherwise.

    Generally the Times doesn’t do external links; more likely somebody posted the link in a comment below an article.

  2. It was a comment on an article. The article was about Corbyn harking back to the Seventies, not just the Eighties.
    Comments under the link …
    “Thank you, I enjoyed the read”
    “Me too, especially the section on Corbyn’s reliance on Murphy’s economic policies. God help Britain.”

    I think it’s been posted on other articles too. Poster calls themself “Londoner”

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