Turkey bans all academics from travel in latest post-coup measure

Yes, I’m entirely sure that is necessary and appropriate. Wholly so

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  1. So, is this targeted at the ones he hasn’t caught yet, but intends to or is it about preventing a complete collapse of the Turkish education system by those who are not accused also getting the hell out of Dodge?

  2. The Goat-Fucker is a headcase.

    The Turks need to be booted out of NATO

    The ESpew would be wise to can their inclusion but wise and EU are not words that belong in the same sentence.

  3. The Inimitable Steve

    Ecks – Nato should’ve been put to bed in 1991, with gold watches and thanks all round, particularly to the Yanks for keeping W. Europe free.

    Its continued existence is more of a liability than a deterrent.

  4. I wonder whether Norman Stone is in Turkey at the moment. Will they really ban academics who are foreign citizens from travelling?

  5. I wonder whether Norman Stone is in Turkey at the moment. Will they really ban academics who are foreign citizens from travelling?

    Unless their passports / ID cards actually have their professions on them, how are they going to stop them from leaving?

  6. “But it’ll still be Israeli universities that the trendy lefty academics want to boycott.”

    This. I’m amazed, AMAZED there haven’t been noisy demonstrations against Turkey over this by our principled and fair-minded friends in academia.

  7. No Monoi.

    Thank fuck for BRExit. That demonstrated the principle to the leadership of the EU of “Thus far and no further”. That if they continued their suicidal pursuit of ever increasing Muslim immigration into the European Union, then they risk pulling it apart.

    BRExit has given them pause for thought, but maybe nothing more…

  8. The uk historically supported Turkey’s accession because it would make a mockery of ‘ever closer union’. The EU project types were divided between those going for power influence= size of the union- and those who had a forboding that their federalists malarkey would not wash with 90 million non-co-religionists

  9. The Meissen Bison

    In the wake of Nice and Würzburg, Germany and France are talking up the European Army again though how an army of any kind would prevent this kind of attack is open to conjecture.

    What’s certain is that an EU army would guarantee that there would never be another war in Europe because 27 defence ministers would need to agree before any troops left their barracks.

    So thank heavens for Brexit and thank heavens also for the new and slimmed down NATO which awaits round the corner.

  10. Bloke in North Dorset

    “When do the boatloads of illegal academics start arriving?”

    Accept the STEMs and send the rest to France who seem to glory in useless academics.

    At least there won’t be any wimmins studies academics amongst them.

  11. Dearieme
    NS reported from Ankara in last week’s Sunday Times, so I think he’s still there.

  12. Here’s my ha’penny.
    Erdogan was preparing his putsch against secularists / muslims he didn’t like.
    The army got wind of it and prepared their putsch.
    That’s why both went off half cock.

    Why now? Because the Erdogan family has been making millions from smuggled IS oil. To play this game you have to dash a bunch of people to keep the western powers and media a bit quiet.
    Then the oil price crash and loss of territory makes smuggling oil less profitable. Plus western forces start targeting oil tanker trucks in Syria.
    But Erdogan wants to keep his profits and reduce the army’s. (Even though they supply a good number of trucks.)
    Cue ferrets in a sack fighting over diminishing returns.

    Probably wrong. But with these hypocrites I’d guess money trumps religion.

  13. @Ian B:”Islamic Revolution underway. Stay tuned for updates.”

    Pretty sure they’ll be downgrades….

  14. So let’s speculate about Russia deciding they cannot tolerate an Islamist, unpredictable Erdogan regime controlling the Bosphorus. IslamoTurkey is still a member of, or aligned with, NATO. The Americans decide they must oppose Russia…

    Nasty potential flashpoint there.

  15. Tsar Ivan III married Sophia Paleologue, niece of the last Byzantine emperor, since when Russia has regarded itself as the Third Rome, successor to fallen Constantinople. The nineteenth century brought Russia into direct conflict with the Turks in its southern expansion and the war for control of the Crimea. Substantial parts of northeastern Turkey were under Russian control in WWI, from where they retreated due to the Bolshevik Revolution. Now that the Cold War is buried, natural enmities resume a familiar form.

  16. If they really do have an Islamic crackdown on booze, presumably Prof Stone will flee the country.

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