Paul Krugman is a card, isn’t he?


As foreigners have invested in the Czech Republic the gap between GNP and GDP has risen. That is, the amount the foreigners take out of the Czech Republic has risen as a portion of the Czech economy.


Therefore a burst of foreign investment does do all that well for the people:

You can see what this has meant for the Czech Republic in the figure. For what it’s worth, the lag of GNP behind GDP shown there is several times as large as most predictions of extra growth from U.S. tax cuts.

Now, I don’t believe this tax “reform” will produce anything like the capital inflow its defenders claim. But even if it does, Americans won’t see much of the benefits.

Back when Czechs got 100% of the local economy. Today they get 93%. That’s the complaint.

Hmm. Over the same period of time the Czech economy has doubled in real terms.

Czechs used to get 100% of X, they now get 186% of 2X.

This is a bad deal is it Professor?

14 thoughts on “Paul Krugman is a card, isn’t he?”

  1. Well of course. The Left always prefer the masses to have 100% of fuck all, rather than less than 100% of a lot more. Its fairer you see……..turnip soup all round it is!

  2. Besides, is there anyone anywhere who does not laugh at physicists? The only way Feynman could get any respect was by screwing other men’s wives. Brian Cox needs floppy hair. Hawking trades on a mixture of sympathy and running nasty people over in his publically funded truck

  3. Nobel winner Andre Geim of graphene fame got onto the Andrew Neil programme last Thursday.
    Alas, he disappointed with his assumption that leaving the EU would be bad for science funding.
    He could have said something exciting like outside the EU we could diffuse world tensions by designing programmes that attract NK’s top scientists and engineers away from their domestic programmes.

  4. An idle thought has occurred: Has the success of US institutes in attracting overseas scientists and engineers contributed to world peace? This theory works if you accept that talent has been taken away from potential despots in the rest of the world.

    If there’s an element of truth it would make sense for the best construction graduates from Gaza University to be hired here, otherwise they’ll put their talents into the local tunnelling programmes under Israeli soil.

  5. It is funny to see people completely oblivious to the fact that people demanding more money for their own project is more likely to increase support for Brexit. Voters must be wondering how many of these parasites they are supporting.

  6. Besides, is there anyone anywhere who does not laugh at physicists?

    Yeah, me. My son is a physicist. Graduated with a 1st MPhys from Manchester Uni in July.

  7. @ H Crun
    You don’t laugh at Crun mi? That’s not good for either of you.

    I rib the Meissen calves remorselessly even at a distance now that they have homes of their own. Apart from being fun all round, it helps innoculate against snowflakery.

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