Quite so, quite so

9 thoughts on “Quite so, quite so”

  1. OT
    Tommy Robinson Re, re, re Trial 23 October

    Charge: Contempt – civil case

    Court: Old Bailey Criminal Court

    Defence – TR Lawyer/Barrister

    Prosecution – Judge Hilliard who has added two further charges

    Judge – Judge Hilliard

    Jury – No

    A fair trial?

    Diplock Courts in NI were for good reason; no excuse for this hugely worse kangaroo court

  2. @Murphy Richards

    I see that your imposter has invoked the spirit of William McGonagall over on his site.

    Have you ever thought of branching into poetry (or whatever literary train wreck that’s supposed to be)?

  3. My country
    Which wouldn’t give me a peerage

    My country
    which voted for Brexit and the loss of my EU funded job

    My country
    From my unimpressive end terrace in Ely

    My country
    Will anyone else take me?

  4. “My country? What does that mean?

    Which country?”

    Must be particularly confusing when you hold two passports.

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