So, cut ’em off then

EU project in ‘mortal danger’ if Italy and Spain are abandoned

Abandon them then and let’s get this horror of the European Project aborted before it comes to full term. For our being out of it isn’t enough, it needs to be dead.

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  1. The folks in rural East Texas might like their guns and Jesus and are a million miles from those in Greenwich Village, but knock down a skyscraper in sodom central, and they’ll tool up and go to war for you. Because they’re Americans, goddamnit!

    The West Germans spent a huge fortune trying to improve the lot of the East Germans after reunification, because they’re Germans.

    The EU doesn’t have this. It isn’t a community. Ask a Frenchman what he is, and he’ll say he’s French, not European. Same with Italians, Greeks and Poles. It’s why the Euro doesn’t work, and why Italy’s getting no special help.

  2. The EU isn’t Rome (or the US). It can’t send thousands of men and containers of supplies to help you out, because it doesn’t have them, it’s just a bureaucracy. What did you expect?

    Wandering off topic, the EU won’t help Greece with the Turks because it still wants Turkey to join the EU. The problem there is that Erdogan has more troops in Europe than the EU does, so eventually it will be the EU joining Turkey. Kill it now, while we still can.

  3. The Meissen Bison

    Julia – no need to worry: BoM4 is the artist formerly known as Bloke in Swindon so probably as statically well behaved as the rest of us. If memory serves, there was potential for confusion with BiS – hence the change.

  4. The only people who consider themselves European before their nationality are our very own remoaners.

  5. “Don’t make a tragic mistake. The whole European edifice risks losing its raison d’etre,” said the Italian premier, Giuseppe Conte”
    Careful with the language Giuseppe, or you could get a German pre-emptive strike.

  6. The problem for the Italians is that it was their own incompetence that led them to this. (And I’m guessing the same can be said of Spain). The lying Italian doctors keep saying stuff about how they were unlucky or how their population is older (it is, but not by enough to explain the rate of deaths) or how they tested even the non symptomatic (they didn’t – except in one small town – how do we know this? Because the number of infected over the age of 50 is 75% of their cases, so they are only testing those in hospital). The reality can be found here:

    No proper screening, no preparation, no clue. How very Italian.

    When the Italians turn up asking for handouts, their incompetence should be pointed to and the Germans, quite rightly, will refuse to pay.

  7. The mayor of Florence was encouraging people to ‘hug a Chinese tourist’ just as it was kicking off in Italy. Must be the most monumentally stupid virtue signal ever.

  8. Note the trembling in AE-P’s voice. The voice of an impartial, remote journalist. Not.

    Here’s a hug-the-chink video:

    Note the crowds, too. No distancing. I’m thinking same as spring breakers packed on a beach. Italy may have given us the scope of unconstrained spread of the virus. I.e., Italy may be the worst case scenario. Ten thousand dead in 60 million.

  9. The funniest thing was the Pope delivering his address to the world in a deserted piazza. I guess the concept of irony is yet another thing he doesn’t understand

  10. Not that the UK response has been much more competent. Allowing the PHE people to dictate policy was a mistake. Should have closed the borders a month ago and then tracked all infected and quarantined all those who travelled from overseas.

    At least the UK didn’t cock up their quarantine measures in the same way Italy did – allowing leaks so that people fled with the virus. What is astonishing is how little coverage of Italian incompetence there is in the press. Instead we gets lots of “orange man bad”.

  11. Italy may have given us the scope of unconstrained spread of the virus

    Northern Italy is also home to hundreds of thousands of Chinese immigrants, legal and illegal. Quite serious pollution and lots of smokers.

    Also worth looking at Sweden. Infection rate about average for Europe and death rate somewhat below average. Coronavirus measures in place – testing and asking people to be sensible. That’s it. No lockdown, no collapsing economy.

  12. @Mr Ecks
    The Italians have always had a problem of the underground economy – and the South is very corrupt. The insight from this is that it means long term quarantines are impossible in developing economies – people have to work to eat, they don’t have the resources required to maintain this level of distancing. If the virus does spread into developing nations (let’s hope the Chinese are right and that Covid doesnt spread in hot climes), death rates will soar. Which is why it was so irresponsible to allow it to spread out of China.

  13. I posted my, (somewhat cynical), route out of the crisis over at Tim Newman’s blog, but it probably fits better here.

    Just do what the Chinese have done: Stop testing for the virus then when no new cases appear declare the crisis over, send everybody back to work and report all deaths as ‘Heart Attack’ or ‘Pneumonia’ etc. etc.

    Oh and jail all journalists who try to report the facts.

    Maybe give it another few weeks but eventually we’ll have to do something like that so we might as well start sooner rather than later.

  14. “Oh and jail all journalists who try to report the facts.”

    Philosophers want to know: “If they report the facts, are they still journalists?”

  15. “The insight from this is that it means long term quarantines are impossible in developing economies – people have to work to eat, they don’t have the resources required to maintain this level of distancing.”

    Correct, Ken. It is only the decadence of the West that allows it to “shutdown.” And note that is the elites who are prepared that decide shutdown. Tens of millions of lower income people are being kicked in the nuts by all this. For the safety and health of the elites.

  16. As MC pointed out Sweden is doing alright without a fuckwit lockdown.

    There isn’t going to be any “exponential” deaths –unless its from a general economic collapse.

  17. Ken
    Coronavirus is struggling to much inroads here in Thailand and neighboring countries so it definitely doesn’t seem to like it hot and humid. On the other hand research has shown it can stay active for days or even weeks in air conned spaces so the poor sticky countries have the advantage having less aircon.

  18. The EU doesn’t have this. It isn’t a community. Ask a Frenchman what he is, and he’ll say he’s French, not European. Same with Italians, Greeks and Poles. It’s why the Euro doesn’t work, and why Italy’s getting no special help.

    Exactly. ‘European’ (except as a geographical term) carries no descriptive weight.

    If somebody tells us they feel Scots (or Welsh or Irish) rather than British, they’re telling us something meaningful, because we can all think of traits that are likely to be shared by someone from Aberdeen or Ayr, but not with someone from Newcastle or Carlisle – there are characteristics likely to be shared by inhabitants of Wales that are less likely to be shared with an Englishman.

    But there’s no comparable commonality between European (or even EU) nations. What do a Greek and Finn have in common (other than a time zone), that they wouldn’t equally have in common with a typical inhabitant of Buenos Aires or Boston MA or Brisbane?

  19. @Roue le jour

    Thank god for small mercies. Let us pray that this continues. Covid 19 has proven quite adaptable. The death toll from this in developing nations would be hideous. In Europe and China the ICUs prevented massive death tolls amongst the young because they could be given enough oxygen that the patients’ immune systems had a chance to fight off the infection, this wont be true in developing countries.

  20. Dutch MEP Derk Jan Eppink criticized Fuhrer Ursula von der Leyen for EU’s slow response, noting that it was too focused on the climate and too little on the health crisis

    EU too busy criticizing Trump and worshipping Greta

    – Merkel to Bomb Italy

    Here’s a question: at the start of this outbreak, we were all told that wearing a face mask wouldn’t give anyone protection. Now there’s hell on… because there aren’t enough face masks – for doctors and nurses. Well if they don’t offer any protection, what does it matter?

    If some had said this time last year a flu virus will shut down the world economy next year and martial law will be introduced when death rates are lower than actual flu, they would have been called conspiracy theorists. It’s only the conspiracy theories that are making the internet worth watching, because, if this virus is as bad as the MSN are saying there is no hope for us.

    If you think this virus is bad, just wait until Huawei gets its viruses into the UK telecoms system.

    Lockdown suicide, Corona kills in more than one way
    “We have raised a generation of young people who are incapable of dealing with difficult times and in some extreme cases go into meltdown, the PC generation fuelled by cultural Marxism has weakened are younger generations mind to such an extent that the thought of self isolation is to much in some cases”

    The constant fear the MSM are constantly pumping out is scaring people out of their minds especially the snowflake generation who can’t even cope with hurty words

    @Kevin B March 30, 2020 at 2:24 pm

    – China/Wuhan Zero New CV-19 Cases A Lie


    “death toll from this in developing nations would Might be hideous”


    So far it hasn’t been in Malaria countries

    PS: Those on the new Dyson respirators are picking up better than the others

  21. Pcar, if you wear a mask, it protects other people from breathing your droplets. It is unlikely to stop you from getting the disease. From observation of people wearing masks in public, they tend to touch their faces more frequently than the norm. It is almost as if they want to transfer or contract the infection

  22. The hug-a-chink premise is that they are being discriminated against because of coronavirus. Pure bullshit.

    Then, double stupid, hugging anyone right now is stupid.

    Hugging a chink in Italy is triple stupid.

    May these videos live forever on youtube.

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