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Coronavirus causing some anti-vaxxers to waver, experts say

Something to which there isn’t a vaccine causes people to reconsider their views on something for which there is?

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  1. Well, it’s the preliminary results from the Cambridge team which suggests MMR vaccine might coincidentally help protect against SARS-CoV2. I predict the anti-vaxxers will react in two different ways. The middle class arts graduates who didn’t have little Tarquin and Jocasta vaccinated with MMR because they didn’t think their precious little bodies could stand three infections at once will wring their hands in paroxysms of bourgeois guilt, while the hard line conspiracy theory nutters will be even more convinced it’s all a ploy by the government/Marxists/Jews/Illuminati to bring about the One World Order and plant chips in our heads.

  2. Actually discovering the ubiquity of Mr Gates in the vaccine industry, his disastrous polio programme in India and his desire to track us like parcels, has made me a lot warier than before the crisis.

  3. I was innoculated against M,M&R as a child, does this mean there’s no justification for me to be under house arrest? Yay! I’m desperate for a fish supper.

  4. @jgh

    Article doesn’t say or imply MMR may help. iirc research suggests TB vaccine seems to

    For years, many have been demanding BCG (TB) vaccinations are resumed in UK after Blair stopped it 2005 while welcoming TB infected from Africa/ME/Asia

  5. It’s like the old saying about there being no atheists in a foxhole. People in fear of their lives are apt to give credence to anything that might save them, even if it is something that they would scorn under normal conditions.

  6. Will be interest to see how hotspots align with TB cases, there was one in Newport (Wales) and they have had TB issues for decades with people brining it in from mainly the Indian sub-continent .
    Might also explain some of the issues wth BAME cases, though I’d still like to see those adjusted for the demographics of the specific area not the U.K. whole 2011 %

  7. @Pcar: The Guardian article doesn’t mention MMR but the more scientifically competent sources are pointing at a paper on the medical preprint server from Cambridge. I’d link to it but Tim’s spam filtering seems to reject anything I post with an active link in. Google for

    “Homologous protein domains in SARS-CoV-2 and measles, mumps and rubella viruses”

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