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Certain physical characteristics

A Turkish court has sentenced the leader of an evangelical sex cult to one thousand years in prison for a litany of sexual offences and fraud.

Adnan Oktar, who promoted creationism on his conservative Islamic TV channel, was known for surrounding himself with scantily dressed women whom he called his “kittens” before his arrest in 2018.

A quick images search for Mr Oktar plus “kittens” shows that he was in favour of certain physical characteristics. Few of them were likely to drown face down.

There might be no meaning to this at all. Or perhaps Mummy weaned him a little early.

9 thoughts on “Certain physical characteristics”

  1. So Much For Subtlety

    Not a lot of blonds in Turkey. interesting to see he must have cornered the market.

    You know, I do not want to sound petulant, or something, but every now and then I think I chose the wrong path in life. Why didn’t my School Careers advisor mention the socially necessary role of Evil Cult Leader? I could handle it I am sure.

    And, you know, as long as I did it in a different country (ie not a Muslim one – having met many Muslimas I don’t think veils are exactly a *religious* requirement) the thousand plus years in jail might be worth it. Sweden for instance. Japan perhaps… definitely worth it. I hear Tokyo has a Hooters so it is possible

  2. . . . sentenced the leader of an evangelical sex cult to one thousand years in prison . . .

    An evangelical vampire sex cult?

  3. You aren’t wryly implying there a little mild surprise that his interest wasn’t more in young ladies notably lacking in said characteristics department, were you?

  4. Dear Mr Worstall

    Is this the way to near immortality? Turkish prison can keep you alive for 1,000 years – 1,075 by some accounts.


  5. How he’ll fare in a Turkish prison though, is anyone’s guess

    Maybe that’s why the guy behind him in the Telegraph photo seems to be offering him an outsize red anal plug.

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