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Gordonstone could be in trouble here

He was soon bungled out of the Patterson family’s California home and into a taxi on the way to the airport. He was being “gooned” – forcibly transported to a place aimed at correcting naughty children’s behaviour.

Within hours he had arrived at Agape, a Christian boarding school in Missouri that promises to turn around “rebellious boys”.

7 thoughts on “Gordonstone could be in trouble here”

  1. I suppose it is better than what they would do in the inter war period. Back then parents would send their kids to the mental hospital where they would receive EST or a lobotomy.

  2. “Agape Boarding School does not transport boys to the school. If a parent asks for a transport company, Agape provides the names of three transport companies for the parent to choose from. Agape does not endorse and it is not affiliated with any transport company.”

    Which I interpreted as “We don’t kidnap children ourselves, but we do have a list of approved kidnappers for you to use yourself”.

    They should all be drowned in lakes of blood.

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