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Now here’s some fun research

Fun research to do that is:

A portion of a new father’s brain changes size and shape, giving him a more refined sense of empathy, according to early results from a new scientific study.

Scientists at the University of Southern California (USC) studying neuroplasticity – which is the ability of our brains and nervous systems to rewire themselves when learning new skills – found changes in the default mode network, an area of the brain that lights up when we are being empathetic.

It has been known that the brains of new mothers change to cope with a newborn, but it is the first study to suggest that the changes are occuring in the brains of new fathers too.

“Becoming a parent entails changes to your lifestyle and your biology,” Professor Darby Saxbe, of USC and senior author of the study, explained.

So, redo the work. On a large scale. And at a large enough scale that it includes those who do settle into fatherhood and thoe who don’t. Those out there chasing skirt because they’re not getting any at home. Those who luxuriate in uxority. Those who are simply the baby daddy and little more.

See what brain changes take places across the different behaviours.

Also, see when they take place. Are they learnt – the presence of a baby in the household causes them. Or are they more innate, in that they happen as the baby starts to turn up? Is it the environment causing them, or fp they happen to cause the environment?

At which point, of course, there’s the get out clause. Sorry, can take care of the babbie, my brain hasn’t changed the right way…..

As to why this happens that’s entirely obvious. We’re descended from those this happened to……

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