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How surprising

The Duke of Sussex has claimed he and Prince William “begged” the King not to marry Camilla Parker Bowles in a devastating memoir used to settle scores with the most senior members of the Royal family.

When Mummy’s angelic then of course the kiddies are going to be upset about new Mummy.

This is news to whom?

Referring to her as the Other Woman, he says she had “played a role” in the death of his mother Diana, Princess of Wales because she had been “pivotal” in the disintegration of his parents’ marriage.

He says he and William were prepared to forgive her if she made their father happy, but told Charles they would only welcome her into the family on condition that he did not remarry.

Well, bully for you. Your father’s a widower. And?

Nowt else here that even rises to this level.

Well, maybe, this could be fun:

There was intrigue earlier in the day when what is believed to be an English-language copy of the book found its way to The Guardian, …….Although Harry has condemned leaked stories about his private life, he and Meghan have made no complaint about The Guardian story.

It’s the Spanish version which has breached publication date. But The G got an English lang version. Gosh, how?

15 thoughts on “How surprising”

  1. My elder brother once beat me brutally, in a game of chess. I fell backwards onto the dog bowl. Only we didn’t have a dog so maybe it was the hamster cage. Anyway, I was traumatised.

    More shocking revelations to follow in my forthcoming biography “Spare Tyre”.

  2. ’He says he and William were prepared to forgive her if she made their father happy…’

    But it was their father who married their mother knowing he wouldn’t be faithful to her, so why would they want to make him happy?

  3. Yeah Andrew C. MY elder brother dragged me, and the rest of the family, into bowling those damn cricket balls to him.

    None of the family have ever forgotten it. Oh, the horror!!!!

  4. When I was seven (the same age as Ginge is now, mentally) I had an imaginary friend who poked his tongue out at me. When I told my Mum (who was dead at the time) she just laughed at me.

    I can’t escape the feeling that Ginge and I are connected on the spirit plane…

  5. Harry the stone cold killer of 25 taliban- terrified when his brother shouted at him at Sandringham, falls over (faints?) when he has an argument with his brother. This from a man who if the rumours are to be believed supposedly beat up women of a certain profession when drunk (supposedly). This stone cold killer probably has to sleep with the light on in case the bogeyman (wills) gets him.

  6. He really is a nasty, pathetic little weasel isn’t he? From his unconvincing virginity loss story, to his Private Walt military memories and Traumatic Injury from a Violent Push, he’s even more full of shit than his Mrs.

    The Graun would be the natural home for an early story on a memoir intended to damage the Royals. Shame the Spanish fucked it up for them!

    It has long been my belief that Ginge is just as much of an arsehole as Whinge. I may have been wrong, he’s worse.

  7. Not sure if boasting about dusting 25 illiterate goatherds (armed with 1980’s vintage Soviet rifles) from the cockpit of your £50m air-conditioned attack helicopter (armed with a computer-stabilised 30mm chaingun), in a war we eventually lost to said illiterate goatherds, is the tale of Andy McNab badassery Harry thinks it is.

    Otoh, what a ride that Meghan must be.

    Morticia : You have enslaved him. You have placed Fester under some strange sexual spell. I respect that.

  8. ……they would only welcome her into the family if

    A bit rich coming from an unexpected ginger who has much to fear from a paternity test. Welcoming someone into the Royal family works both ways.

  9. As someone pointed out on the Army Rumour Service, you can leave aside the “25 confirmed kills, woo hoo!” bollox as mere comedy… the true disgrace is this.

    Harry is claiming to be a steely-eyed death-dealing killing machine.

    And he goes into snivelling detail about how he got chinned by a crab. The Army, beaten up by the RAF!

  10. But you gotta admit that “Spare” is a marvellously ambiguous title, perhaps more so here than in the US.

    Should he have called it “Tool”?

  11. Harry killed 25 Taliban? Bollocks, unless he was telling them of his terrible life and they died of boredom.
    I understand that Ginge was known as ‘X-Box Harry’ in Afghanistan as that was what he spent most of his time playing with, apart from himself. There is no way the MoD would have put him in any form of danger, risking death or, even worse, capture. Allegedly, all of those pictures of him firing machine guns, running from his basha to his helicopter, or the trenches during an attack warning, were carefully staged, with the troops being notified of the terms of the Official Secrets Act if they blabbed.(Theakston’s Old Perculier, however, seems to have a get out clause of the OSA, especially after several pints).

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