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I make the House of Lords!

Well, they refer to me at least:

In contrast, Tim Worstall, senior fellow at the Adam Smith Institute, challenged the idea that the four-day week should be a policy objective. He noted that companies taking part in the trial tended to adopt more efficient working practices to ensure a four-day week was feasible but argued that such practices did not depend on there being a four-day week. He suggested that “attention to removing inefficiencies […] can be done without the reduction in labour hours”. It is “entirely fine” for people to organise working hours as they wish, but the “liberal solution”, according to Worstall, would be to leave individuals to decide on the “split between more leisure and more stuff”, rather than implement new laws with respect to working time.

Note that they note me rather than my fist-typing to them as some others do.


5 thoughts on “I make the House of Lords!”

  1. The problem with being efficient at work, is that one ends up sitting around waiting for everyone else to catch up.

    Been there, done that, stopped doing it.

  2. Ducky McDuckface

    Figure 1 on the HoL document is horrible. Plateaus from 1877 to 1919 – a curious date, that. Similar, shorter thing from ’26 to, oh look, ’46. Does that trend really exist? What’s the capital formation rate over the same period?

    And I finally got around to reading the Autonomy report. Just bloody awful.

  3. My problem with being efficient at work was that your reward was being given more work to do.

    The successful employees were the slow and incompetent ones, because they found themselves removed from having to do the job and promoted to management instead.

  4. bloke in spain,

    Things will get done. Like they always have. There’s lots of people who will take some extra work to pay for Burgundy or whores.

    Personally, I could probably do an average of 5.5 days per week. I’m not going to Church or the footie. I’m not into rambling or playing golf which take up half a day. My shopping and services are done without leaving the house. My socialising is mostly in the evening. A lot of my weekend is loafing around.

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