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Oooh, now this is interesting

Two-thirds of UK women have bad work experiences due to periods, survey finds

OK. So, majority – so this is what we would, chould, should, describe as normal then?

Bit of a pisser but all part of life’s rich tapestry. Nowt to be done then, right?

9 thoughts on “Oooh, now this is interesting”

  1. “Three-fifths said they had worked when they did not feel well enough to.”

    Haven’t we all? Feeling like shit for one reason or another, but a deadline to meet.

  2. More interestingly what proportion of male workers have bad work experiences due to theior female colleague’s periods?

    Or doesnt that matter?

  3. Strange. All the best feminists said that women are just as good as men and probably better at work, and wondering whether periods might affect their work performance was evil and sexist and shut up immediately, all right!

    Apparently now employers have to give them special treatment. However, I forsee a problem: assuming that women are defined the way feminists want to define them these days, they are being transphobic. Back to sucking it up, ladies!

  4. Menstruation affects mood. Men are quite bad at measuring / discounting mood swings and can get upset by the change in demeanour. The solution is for menstruating women to wear a badge, some sort of red star or something.

  5. “Two thirds of UK women have bad work experiences due to periods….”
    Certainly not the women who worked in my Police control room, as they ‘periodically’ took sickies due to menstruation if they were on day shifts. The couldn’t do night shifts for the same reason (or if there was a sale on at some department store or other). As the years went by, and they reached a certain age, the effects of the menopause, or ‘the change’ as they referred to it, led to the sickies continuing. No mention of the blokes having bad experiences doing twice as much work while covering for them.

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