Baroness Uddin

Oh dearie me:

THE Labour peer Baroness Uddin may face a fresh fraud inquiry following the discovery of a second “home” address which she used to claim £91,000 expenses.

Uddin claimed the home of her brother and his family in the Essex resort of Frinton-on-Sea was her main residence. Last week his wife said she could “not recollect” the Labour peer ever living there.

This is for the years preceding her purchase of that empty flat in Maidstone. Yes, while she was indeed living in that £500 a month housing association place only four miles from the Lords.

Time for collars to be felt one thinks.

7 thoughts on “Baroness Uddin”

  1. Sometimes I think the US has it right. If this had been a white collar manager in the States there would have been a televised public arrest complete with handcuffs with the alleged offender frog marched from whatever premises they were in.

    A couple of those and it might, just might, be cathartic enough to allow our ruling class a bit of breathing space to beg for forgiveness without being treated with deserved contemptuous laughter.

  2. Glad to see tat RM is still alive, even if his blog isn’t (unless it has moved again?) Presumably busy spending the royalties from Avatar’s use of the word unobtanium?

  3. Who will join with me in persuing this further?
    If a ordinary citizen made a claim for a Benefit did this for £5K they would be arrested charged with obatining moneis by fraudulanet means and IMPRISONED whilst awaiting trial. So WHY has this Lady not been arrested yet?
    Who will take this matter further with the Police?
    Volunteers to join me please?

  4. Why the surprise. “Baroness” Uddin hails from a background where corruption and stealing are the norm. She has run rings around the middle class, guilt ridden champagne Socialists just as Mugabe, Idi Amin and the Gulf States royalty do/did. If things get too tough she’ll post her resignation from “somewhere in the sub-continent” and that will be the end of it. UK tax payers get all they deserve for their complacency.

  5. I support Eric of Walton whole-heartedly. And further, playing the race card should begin to be brought to an end. It won’t be easy to deal with perfidy in the case of Uddin, or Daziel, the copper jailed today, or the hundreds of rats who flee to their natural habitats when threatened, like the crooks in Spain , Israel, South Africa, The Ukraine, China and even the odd Scottish island but somehow a start should be made. Who is working on Uddin’s file right now?

  6. by ‘daziel’ I mean Commander Dizaei, and his other high-flying pal, who have both trousered a fortune from tax-payers money by claiming to have been ill-treated by the institution that put both of them at its upper echelons by virtue of their race.

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