Ho hum

Anyone following the celebrity “news” cycle is aware by now that Scout Willis, daughter of Bruce Willis and Demi Moore, has been waging a topless twitpic campaign to protest Instagram’s “no female nipples” policy and the patriarchy en générale. Because what better way to stick it to the man than by showing him your boobs?

Didn’t her mother gain fame as a starlet by hoicking her skirt up, pantyless, and showing us all whether she shaved intimately or not?

I would guess this is learned environment stuff, not Darwinian.

9 thoughts on “Ho hum”

  1. As Dennis Pennis asked Demi: Are there any circumstances, if it wasn’t gratuitous and it was tastefully done, would consider keeping your clothes on in a movie?

    BTW This just backs up my general theory that the whole feminist/patriarchy thing is really about a fight between pretty/charming women and ugly/charmless women. Ugly feminists want tits away because it allows pretty women to gain money and status over them, while pretty women want tits out because it allows them to gain status.

  2. That is one of the least well-constructed arguments I’ve read in the Graun, which is obviously saying something. Nasty, self-righteous, smug, controlling, narcissistic, arrogant – both she and her subject.

    I can’t be the only person alive ever so slightly hoping that everything really does go to shit so that these idiots are forced to appreciate how awesome it was to be merely an average human in NYC in the 21st century.

  3. Demi Moore’s daughters are that most unfortunate category of females – women who are, despite being much younger, less desirable than their mother.

  4. Luckily for her, her ‘Patriarchy’ won’t publicly batter her to death with bricks in an incident we must never, ever call a ‘stoning’, which would be insensitive.

  5. So, if I’ve read this article correctly; a young woman, who openly boasts she took advantage of her youth to parade around New York with her tits out for money, criticises another young woman doing the same for being, well, a bit shallow.

  6. So Much for Subtlety

    Frederick – “I think you are confusing Demi Moore with Sharon Stone.”

    Let me see if I have got this right, Sharon Stone is the utterly insane bint who gave us an inadvertent beaver shot in Basic Instinct, while Demi Moore is the utterly insane bint who said “suck my dick” in G. I. Jane?

    On the whole, I hope Ms Moore has not been flashing us her genitals.

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