Black Friday and Holiday Gifties

Annual hosting fee time coming up and you, my dear readers and commenters, can help. At no cost to you of course. Simply purchase those things that you were always going to purchase from Amazon for yourselves and loved ones through these links and those hosting fees will get a cut.

For example, from Amazon UK, the perfect present for that child whose parents you hate:

Or just any product that you desire really:

Would be quite fun if there’s a few of you that do your supermarket shops there who regularly did them through this.

And for those in the US there’s of course this account.

For the boyfriend of that bird you hate:

Or, just, well anything really:

You know you’re going to be spending the money so why not do it here?

11 thoughts on “Black Friday and Holiday Gifties”

  1. You didn’t hear Radio 4 this morning. The ASA want blogs and youtube videos etc that are basically adverts or sponsored to make this absolutely clear in future in their titles as well as in the content. This so that people are forewarned of the commercial nature of the content and not tricked into buying things or persuaded by subliminal messaging (eg to vote conservative).

  2. I saw an ad on the telly for Asda “Black Friday” sales and was somewhat perplexed how a retail phenomenon based on a US holiday has managed to pop up in the UK, without the associated holiday. I suppose Asda is simply the UK brand of Walmart these days, and Amazon is a US company too. Otherwise it must be due to cultural leak via television and, to an even grater extent, the internet. Is there a move to sales (as in retailers cutting prices) synchronising around the world?

  3. Tim

    Off topic I know but I am aware that a few legally trained types read your blog – The MurpMonster is alleging that Angelina Joile’s honoray Damehood was given ‘for services to William Hague’ when I’m fairly sure it had something to do with humanitarian work. Murphy’s comments seem to imply some sort of sexual impropriety or corrupt award for personal services. Is this libellous? Should Ms Joilie’s lawyers be on the case?

  4. The Other Bloke in Italy

    I echo Eddy’s question, Tim.

    Granted, I run ad-blocking software, but it has never concealed the Amazon Widget on other sites.

  5. TOBI
    I’m running Firefox 33.1.1 & Adblock Plus 2.6.6 & it has started blocking the Amazon ads that Tim has in the left hand panel. When I disable it for this page the Amazon Ads appear in the panel & there are a number in Tim’s post.

  6. @AndrewC

    It’s not libellous of Jolie, possibly of Hague (because the implication is that he arranged a Damehood for her in return for furthering his political career). In reality, it’s not libellous of him, either.

    However, thanks for drawing my attention to the blog. He’s fucking nuts as usual. I particularly like this piece of advice to Jolie:

    ‘Knowing when to stop the commentary is, however, part of the art of being effective.’

    Fucking hell. From you, you twat?

  7. The MurpMonster is alleging that Angelina Joile’s honoray Damehood was given ‘for services to William Hague’

    I think we can recognise simple envy here and cut him some slack. All he gets is an occasional muff-diving session on Margaret Hodge.

  8. Couple of hundred quid a year for the sort of traffic I get. So not enough to actually ask people for money, but enough to ask for a slice of what you’ll be spending anyway.

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