Just came across Jacob Collier

And there’s obviously great talent there, even if it’s not quite my thing.

But after I’d flicked through a few videos, sampling this and that, sure, OK, a capella versions, multiple overdubbing by one voice, sure, it’s been done and this is being done very well. Whoever did “Don’t Worry” was doing the same thing.

Then it struck me what was really odd. Hearing versions of jazz and soul standards being sung with an English accent.

That’s really weird.

6 thoughts on “Just came across Jacob Collier”

  1. Just went to YouTube and listened to him singing Don’t You Worry ‘Bout A Thing. Amazing and amazingly good. Not even a whiff of either twee or cute.

    Actually, having the English accent helps… it makes it all the more unique. Most people have never heard anyone but Stevie Wonder sing that song (with good reason).

  2. George Melly?
    Well not soul – not on my records anyway.
    Met him once. Nice guy, but couldn’t decide who he preferred – me or my girlfriend.

  3. With Quincy Jones as an early fan, his protégé has a bright future. Jacob’s not yet twenty one years old. Insanely talented.

  4. Insanely talented is an understatement.

    What kills me is his control. Anyone can play fast, but if you listen to his piano and bass (as two examples), it’s so clean and precisely picked out. Incredible.

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