So here’s a weird question

A horror film fan and his boyfriend have been found guilty of murdering a woman who was lured to their “flat of horrors” after a chance meeting during a night out.

Leave aside the case and all that. A weird question.

So, one of the bits of prison as punishment is being separated from loved ones. We don’t do – in secure prisons at least – conjugal visits and all that. Where there’s a same sex couple both sentenced this sorta goes by the wayside. If they’re in the same prison they could continue to be a couple.

Well, assuming they wanted to be and didn’t spend 20 years squabbling about whose fault it was they got caught etc.

So, is there a policy on this? It might be rare enough that no one has ever thought it through. There is an acknowledgement that sexual relationships happen in prison – there’s been muttering about condom provision for years. And that’s long before we get to those American horror stories where the majority (hmm, mebbe?) of rape in the country is male on male in said prisons.

Which is what leads to the odd question. Will the Prison Service be trying to make sure this pair go to different prisons? Or not? To be jailed as a couple would be a different punishment from the more usual being jailed away from partners, no?

Not that it matters in the least in any grander sense it’s just one of those things that puzzles on a Tuesday morning having read the papers.

9 thoughts on “So here’s a weird question”

  1. And if a man and a woman committed the crime, could one identify as the other gender in order to go to the same prison?

  2. I think on safety grounds rather than punitive groundsyou’d want to keep them apart, the coupledom very likely played a role in the offence.

  3. Blimey, like there’s no shagging in prison all the time, sometimes involving the staff as well as the inmates.

  4. Alas, Peter Simple is no more. This item could have been published in his column, verbatim, with no changes necessary…

  5. ” you mean screws screwing?”

    Its more screws being screwed I’d say, as it tends to be female warders getting jiggy with the toxic masculine elements they find so attractive…………

  6. ‘Let’s just hang them instead.’

    Far too sensible Steve. If we’d do that we could bring back Shamima Begum as Tim has suggested. Since any Mahometan making a nuisance of themselves could be hanged instead of just getting four years or so.

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