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Quite so, quite so

British shoppers are being denied cheaper goods from the US under a controversial EU law that Brexiteers are urging ministers to scrap.

Eurosceptic MPs have been calling on Downing Street to include European trademark rules in a planned bonfire of Brussels red tape over the summer.

British businesses are banned from selling legitimate branded goods such as clothing, cosmetics and electronics if they have already been placed on the market in a country outside the EU.

The rule means that a UK shop cannot source stock from wholesalers in countries like the US and Canada even though prices there are typically cheaper.

There is indeed that ban on grey imports. Which means producers can do that market segmentation thing – which is another way of saying they can protect themselves from competition, charge higher prices, in certain markets.

Shouldn’t be allowed, oughta be a law about it. Unfortunately the law we’ve got about it is the EU one – Livi Strauss was the test casae – which specifically allows it.

#And yes, this is the point of Brexit. We’ve now the ability to kill off those bad laws we got pressured into through compromises. So, let’s get rid of those bad laws.

9 thoughts on “Quite so, quite so”

  1. Sorry, bonfires are banned under clean air legislation. All EU red tape must be recycled. (And probably will be.)

  2. The Meissen Bison

    If the babbling ol’ drooler gets his way the EU will soon need a replacement for U v.d. Lions because he wants her to head up NATO instead.

    Her record as Bundesverteidigungsminister¹ suggests that NATO forces will in future be equipped with broom-handles. Not rubbish ones, mind.
    ¹ German spacebars are on holiday.

  3. I seem to recall some discussion on these pages during Brexit about why the hell Parliament was rushing to codify all the EU laws into UK law. It was suggested that they needed to become UK law so that Parliament could then get rid of them.

    To quote Steve, “fucking lol”.

  4. Yeah, I read the bleating from UK importers on forriners infringing on their cartels. Did I laff…
    Trouble is, no doubt HMG will be wiping the smile off my face.

  5. Bloke in North Dorset

    This is what Brexiteers should have been doing all along, identify the most egregious EU laws and get them scrapped. Calling for the scrapping of all EU laws was always ridiculous, not least because it gives a Remainers an easier fight.


    If Biden really want a German at the head of NATO Pistorius has been doing well, so far. However, for that reason I’d leave him there.

  6. “legitimate branded goods such as clothing, cosmetics and electronics”

    Tbh it’s not going to affect any of us, is it?

  7. The Meissen Bison

    BiND – I don’t think Biden or his curators really want a German; it’s more that they just don’t want Ben Wallace.

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