So that’s Ritchie banned from the BBC then

Next the BBC should stop platforming tax deniers.

And those who will not disclose their funding.

Given the manner he hid his funding…..

Still, be interesting to hear what his definition of “tax denier” is. Given some pronouncements that would mean the head of HMRC among others.

19 thoughts on “So that’s Ritchie banned from the BBC then”

  1. Tax denier? We deny that tax exists?

    Or is Murphy the tax denier, because he claims MMT means we don’t need tax to fund public spending?

    But Rob’s right; “miserable little tyrant”. He’s too ignorant to win an argument with anyone who knows the subject, so he wants us all banned.

  2. Bloke no Longer in Austria

    Well the BBC are banning climate deniers now and I expect that Holocaust deniers have had it tough for a while.

    What about those who deny the divinityof St Jezza

  3. I don’t think anyone sensible denies that climate change occurs. It’s always changing on slow timescales. But they have decided to take the IPCC stuff as biblical teaching, so in their eyes anyone who challenges this is a heretic, and will be reminded of his heresy by Torquemada Mann…

  4. In the interests of openness, a reminder that Ritchie’s secret funding was from the Kenneth Miller Trust.

    Strange it needs to be a secret in his case, they don’t seem to mind their name appearing in other charity funder’s lists or writing letters to the Telegraph.

  5. The Beeb have gone beyond the position of the IPCC who state that there’s no evidence for an increase in devastating weather events linked to climate change. But you’d never learn this by listening to the preposterous Roger Harrabore.

  6. Tractor Gent

    As Chris Miller says, the “biblical teaching” is not what the IPCC really says but the alarmistic interpretation of what the IPCC says.

  7. Tractor, the climate change thing is Hadith and Koranic Truth, not Biblical.

    Tsk tsk, you Islamic Peace denier.

  8. @noel – you sure. I thought it was Mind – so they could use him as an example of what happens if you don’t take your meds.

  9. Talking of banning (a bit O/T) I have just seen a wavy haired BLONDE Negress on the BBC!

    How can this Grauniad supporting organisation promote this sort of CULTURAL APPROPRIATION?

    Heads must roll!

  10. I wonder if Ritchie’s new found commitment to transparency will survive the loss of his EU funded job.

    For the moment well done to Tim and all those on here who have exposed his hypocrisy

  11. I think all of us on this blog know the evil nature of Richard Murphy, a man who ‘believes people like him would have been at Dachau’ but the campaigner who was behind this most fatuous of notions,Rupert Read is one to watch certainly

    Forget Free choice- if it can’t be recycled you can’t have it- a monstrous vision which basically advocates a return to medieval penury.

  12. Never mind the fucking BBC “de-platforming” anybody–the BBC needs to be pushed off the platform under the fastest train available.

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